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Friday, January 30, 2009

Flash WAY back Friday

I was a cute baby!

Yup. That's me. At the ripe 'ol age of 5 months. My little elbows are so cubby I just want to pinch them! I even left in the blue finger print smudge on the upper left side of the picture there for the sake of authenticity. (My husband tried to convince me to photoshop it out.)

Here are a couple of my daughter at the same age.

Prettyin Purple

Watch out, here I come

Any similarities?


orangemily said...

Awww, cute!

UTSquishy said...

Wow, time has not been Kind to that Photo. I just had to Retouch it a bit.

HeidiPie said...

Cheeks, Ears, and probably the elbows.

Garmon said...

You're WAAAY more orange.

The photo, not the hair!

On second thought, maybe this is why Emily likes you so much!

Andria said...

You mean you weren't orange as a child? I thought we all were back then.

I think I see some resemblance. Fun flashback.

KASH said...


I just wanted to let you know that I was looking forward to the moment I got to look up flashback friday ALL day today. :)

Krista said...

Why don't dimples on our elbows and hands look as cute when we're older? Actually, I have more wrinkles on my hands which is still not as cute. :-(