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Monday, January 12, 2009

Name that Movie Monday

Is it Monday again already? Where did the weekend go? Well, okay. If it's Monday I will do my Monday duty to spice up your otherwise dull start of the week by providing you with a little brain tease. (Like how I so vainly believe that my little ol' blog is the highlight of your Monday?)

His destructive programming is taking effect. He will be irresistibly drawn to large cities where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steel everybody's left shoe.

And, just to make it fair...Richard is not allowed to give his answer until 4:00 MST. :)

And, for the REAL highlight of you day, your free movie code: H48MX2


Nisha said...

I actually know this one. It's Lilo and Stitch!!

Annj said...

Oh I was thinking Meet the Robinsons for some reason so I was totally wrong. Been a while since I have seen it.

Jen said...

you have taught me that I need to watch more movies.

Dana said...

How is it that I have no clue until I see someone else's answer...and then I remember the scene perfectly?
I think you should start telling us what you rent!

KASH said...

Lilo and Stitch.

For me, the real treat of the day is the movie quote! I still haven't used the free movie code. Someday, someday I will! :)

Andria said...

Blah! It's a movie I've seen several times and still didn't know the quote. Boo hoo.

Kara Thacker said...

I knew that one....I miss that movie! (My kids broke that DVD)

Karen said...

I have this movie almost memorized. One of my all time favorites!!! Really!!! Lilo and Stitch is an all time favorite around here.

Michelle said...

I had no idea either. I have never used any of the codes, although I have good intentions. They are only good on Monday, correct???

HeidiPie said...

Seriously, you need to do one for me, cause I NEVER get it. =)

Nicole said...

@Michelle-Yea, the codes are only good on Monday until Midnight. I haven't actually rented something on Monday for like 6 weeks now! I'm slacking.

Nicole said...

@Dana-the "What I'm Watching" list is supposed to be a running list of all the movies I watch but I've been REALLY bad about keeping it updated lately. I think I've watched about 15 movies since I last updated it. ug! The holidays got me behind on EVERYTHING. Which is why I must force myself to turn off the computer and go clean my bathrooms now. I WILL NOT tell you how long it's been since they last got cleaned! It's way too embarrassing!

UTSquishy said...

I was going to answer before anyone. But since you put in place a rule, I haven't been back until now. LOL

I was going to say to Kara that if you still have the Broken DVD. Disney has a Disc replacement program.

Quoting from the site:
How do I replace a damaged DVD?

If you accidentally damage or break one of your Disney DVDs, you can get a replacement disc for a nominal charge of $6.95.

Please mail in your damaged DVD (along with DVD case and full packaging), a Check or Money order for $6.95 (made payable to WDHE), along with your Contact Information (Name, Address, and Phone Number) to:

Replacement Program
PO Box 3100
Neenah, WI 54957-3100.