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Monday, June 9, 2008

Da-da-da-DA, da-da-da

Okay, that's supposed to be the Indiana Jones theme music. Imagine hard....there, can you hear it? Oh good. Because I went to the new Indiana Jones movie over the weekend and it rocked!

I have to admit, I was HIGHLY skeptical. I love the original trilogy. And I love Harrison Ford, in his younger days at least. See, his last several movies have been major flops for me and I was having to admit that maybe he was in fact just getting too old. So I was worried about him trying to do an action adventure film. Plus I was worried about them making the movie too "modern" and ruining all the old Indy fun.

But I was not disappointed! I loved how they gave the whole film that "old skool indiana jones" feeling. And that it had bad Russian accents. I mean what would an Indiana Jones movie be without bad accents? and it was really cheesy in parts, but I loved the cheese because it made it authentic. And the "gross" factor ranked right up there with the faces melting off in Temple of Doom. And I loved all the obscure references to previous Indiana Jones movies.

Of course Harrison Ford is noticeably older than he used to be. It was inevitable. But although I didn't drool over him, like I used to, he still has that little half smile of his that I love that is part of his charm. And he used it so much in this movie that I almost forgave him for all the bad movies he's made in recent years. (I mean did you see Hollywood Homicide? If you didn't DON'T. I'm sure Harrison Ford himself would be happy if you didn't.)

All in all it was great fun. I highly recommend it!!!


Andria said...

Wow, I have to say that I'm surprised that you liked it. I was really disappointed in the movie. Oh well.

Nicole said...

was it cheesy? yes. was it highly predictable? yes. was there bad acting? yes. but that's what makes it so authentic. and that's what i like about it. most people hold a romanticized version of things they liked from their childhood in their head. so i think people remember the original movies as being "better" but go back and watch them again....they are cheesy and predictable with ocassional bad acting. we were just all too busy drooling over Harrison Ford to notice.

Or maybe you did just really dislike the new movie and that's okay, too. Because I don't like Twilight. :) So that makes us even, right?

orangemily said...

I loved it for all the same reasons! We watched the trilogy to get all pumped up and it helped me get in the "Indy" mood.

Andria said...

It wasn't the acting or the cheesiness that bothered me. Those things made it bearable. It was the alien thing that turned me off. If it had been vampires, it would have been sooo much better.

Nicole said...

they weren't aliens. they were inter-dimensional beings. :)

Donnetta said...

I didn't like the movie either and as for being inter-dimensional beings. . . . they are still aliens. I sat through the movie thinking, when is this going to be over!!