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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Moon

Well, I finished New Moon. Most people I have talked to who love the Twilight series say that book 2 is their least favorite. I found that I liked it better than Twilight. You see, I realized that I just don't like Edward and I really REALLY like Jacob. And well, since Edward is MIA most the book I found myself quite enjoying it in parts.

But then Edward shows up again I was just bugged the rest of the book.

Plus I had some of the same issues with this book that I did with the first one, in that it drags in spots. And I still don't think there has been enough character development of Alice, especially considering the fact that she is becoming a bigger part of the story.

But hey, it's not like my opinion matters much. And I haven't written any New York Times Bestsellers lately, so I guess she's doing something right.

and I am reading book 3.....kicking and screaming I'm reading it, but still reading it just the same. That must count for something.


Andria said...

Yep, New Moon is my least favorite. But, once again, I've heard others say that they like it more than Twilight. So you're not the only one out there thinking that.

MeggyMeg said...

I liked new moon, but yet it was my least favorite. And from talking to people it is usually those who like Jacob more that like it better than the other ones.

Karen said...

I can't decide if I am a full on Edward fan or not. I just can't stand to see/read someone in so much pain. That was the hardest for me and then meal time in Italy was actually terrifying(SP?)for me. Suspense I can handle, sort of, that was a whole diffirent beast! Sorry you don't love the series. I am still glad that you are reading them. :) The begging was getting hard on me. (Snicker)

Nicole said...

Yea, I have to agree that meal time in Italy was awful. I think that in general the story is getting darker. I was actually going to say something about that in my review but then I didn't want to actually think about it again because it was so horrific. So thanks for bringing it up so we can all have nightmares about it again tonight. :) Actually if I was Bella I don't think I'd ever be able to sleep ever again, seriously. I think her life is horrifying and I don't know how she manages from day to day.

Andria said...

I know how Bella manages. She has Edward. *drool* And my husband has read the books and I think he likes Jacob better than Edward too. At least he wants Jacob to "win."

Karen said...

Craig's favorite is Emmett. He doesn't seem to understand the question, I keep asking him. No, seriously, it turns out my husband is a romantic. Who knew? Not me till now. His opinion is that no matter which one you like better, she belongs with Edward, because it is "true love" and the rest of it doesn't matter, because they belong together. (Huh.) Because of my OCD, I think Edward is the better choice, for all who are involved. Jacob would always wonder if she was thinkig about Edward. Bella would be thinking about Edward and Edward would be thinking about Bella. I seems logical to me that one crazy person is better than three. Just my two cents worth.

Nicole said...

ug, gag! gag! They "belong" together? I watch chick flicks and read fluffy romance novels with the best of them. But I don't think that "true love" takes the place of common sense!!! Some sacrifices are just too great, even for the sake of true love.

Becoming a vampire? giving up your life as you know it, your family, the chance to ever have children or grandchildren?

With Jacob she'd have a great life with somebody who is madly in love with her and whom she also loves (even if she says he's just her best friend.) And she'd get to stay human!

I guess I'm just a little touchy about it because I have a friend who is choosing her Edward so to speak at the expense of a temple marriage. I just think that's too much to give up, even if in your little 18 year old mind you think it's true love and you'll never find anything better. Because Bella is, after all, only 18. And how many of us at 18 thought we knew it all only to get older and wise up and wish we had made different decisions? Becoming a vampire is a pretty permanent decision for an 18 year old to make.

Okay, it's just a book...moving on with real life now. :)

Karen said...

You crack me up.

orangemily said...

OK, I liked book 2 but only because Bella and Edward are together in the end. But I can already tell it will be my least favorite (I'm starting Eclipse after we put Moira to bed tonight).
In my mind true love trumps all, so Edward is my favorite. I read books and watch movies to escape reality so I get really drawn in and emotionally involved while reading/viewing. I'm a hopless romantic!
I'm very jealous you got your husbands to read the books. I just tried begging Rich and he said no, quite emphatically.

Nicole said...

but i don't think it is true love!!! I think it's just Bella being stupid because he's cute. and I think Edward is totally annoying and patronizing and condescending. ug.

and my husband utterly refuses to read them, too. he says they sound lame and doesn't understand why i keep reading them because every night when i put it down i say stuff like "Bella is so stupid!"

Squirty Wart said...

I will agree that Eclipse was the hardest on me. (Yeah, I got that sucked in... Hey, it was less depressing than dealing with a naursasistic, 17 year old leech.)

I understood Bella's whole depression without Edward. I don't believe he has any real bad qualities other than being a vampire and he did not ask to be one...

I agree that they are each others' true love. As far as giving up a life of having children??? How many people have infertility and as a result will never give their spouse biological children by no choice of their own? There is always adoption as Dr. Cullen has done. I think that part is all very beautiful. AND they are making a possitive difference in the world.

Squirty Wart said...

Oh, and my husband was also one who reads the Twilight series. He finished them before I did.

He is my hero for taking such an interest in something that I am so infatuated with. ;)