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Monday, June 23, 2008

Google Reader

Up until about an hour ago I had not yet given into having an actual RSS reader. There's just something about being on somebody's actual blog page that gives you a real sense of who this person is. In a reader all the "fluff" is removed and call me crazy but I enjoy the "fluff".

So I had all my RSS feeds on my Google homepage and from there I could see when there was new posts and I then I could click through to the blog to read the new posts.

But my homepage has not been working too well. And I've been missing posts. And now I don't trust it so I click through to everybody's blog everyday even if it doesn't show a new post. Which kind of negates the whole point of having the feed on my homepage.....

So this morning I transferred all my feeds to Google Reader. I'll give it a test run for a week or so and see how I like it. And I'll let you know. Maybe I'll find that I like it better....or not. Only time will tell.


orangemily said...

Yeah I like going to people's actual blogs too. It's nice because on Plaxo you can see them all in the feed AND you can click through directly to the blog.

Nicole said...

I can click through to the actual blog on the Google Reader, too. So it may work out okay. The jury is still out, since nobody has written a new post since I converted everything over.

Ryan said...

Yeah I don't actually read in my reader, though some people do. I preview the story in my reader, and if it looks interesting I click it open.

Of course I click open all Blog posts from friends & family. It's the news Blogs that I'm selective about.

That's the routine. Actually I hit a button on my keyboard that pops the story open in Safari, in a new tab. Then after I've filtered through all the new blog posts I close my RSS reader, and all the news articles and such are queued up right there for my reading.