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Monday, June 16, 2008

Things that made me giggle today

I'm not usually big into youtube. But I ran across a few clips in the past few days (mostly on other people's blogs) and since I was basically rolling on the floor laughing, I thought I'd share in case you needed a good giggle today. Enjoy!

Get Wii Fit

Cake or Death

Do you have a flag? (one bad word, sorry!)

Tom Brokaw Nightly News

Dana Carvey SNL Gerald Ford Is Dead - Watch more free videos


Karen said...

Thanks for the laugh! Craig and I really like the little lego men.

Andria said...

I liked the Wii Fit video. It made me giggle! And it made me want a Wii Fit even more than I did before!

HeidiPie said...

Thanks for the laughs today!