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Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay, I finished. UG! Edward is annoying (and patronizing and condescending) and Bella is just plain stupid. And most nights I'd slam the book shut and say as much to my husband. Then he'd just look at me strange and ask "why are you still reading it then?" To which I would respond "well, I have to see how it turns out."

And I still think there is just way to much blah blah blah to get to the climax in her books. 400+ pages to get to a measly 2 chapters of vampire fighting? You can only build up the suspense so long before it eventually stops becoming suspenseful.

I still think Jacob is the better choice. Yes, Jacob plays dirty, but he's only 16 for heaven's sake. He doesn't have 100's of years of practice at being patient and patronizingly polite. He's just acting like a normal 16 year old in that regard. And I think he hit the nail right on the head when he told Bella that Edward was a drug and so she can't live without him now, but that he would've been healthier for her, like the air and the sun. Because Edward is exactly like a drug-addictive and destructive! Which is why I can't understand why everybody loves him so much and thinks it's such true love? Addiction and true love are not the same. ug.

And it was all awkward how Rosalie and Jasper just launched into these random long monologues of their lives. And I still see Alice as a stick figure in my head. She just has no personality!

So I think I'm done. I don't think that Dawn will Break for me. Because then I can imagine my own outcome, one in which Bella suddenly comes to her senses and runs, not walks, straight into Jacob's arms.

Of course, then I always feel bad being a harsh critic because someday when I write a book I'll likely be terribly crushed and personally offended by each and every bad review. Plus when I really like something that somebody else doesn't I somehow always feel like I'm then being judged by the person who didn't like whatever it is I liked. So to all you out there that like the vampire love story....I still like you. Can we still be friends?

I'm such a dork!!!!! I'm going to bed now before I embarrass myself further.


Anonymous said...

So, the "too much words" issue--exactly why I can't stand Jane Austen-type books. Get to the point already!!!! I did find the Twilight series worth reading, at least to see what everyone else is reading. Not worth owning or rereading. But then, I only put those books on my shelf that are _really_ good (too many books otherwise) and I am not a rereader, too many books still to read for the first time!!!

Dana said...

Hee Hee. I have been waiting for you to finish. I agree with you on a lot of it. I actually asked myself the same question...."why am I reading this?....Because I have to see how it turns out!"
I actually sped through them while on vacation. I still think the concept was great. The characters could use some work, but her writing is very good. I did feel as though I was reading the entire season of a tv show....lots of stuff leading up to the season finale....

Andria said...

Well, I'm glad that you still like me even though I like these silly books. I admit, they're silly and they're no classic, but I enjoy fluff just like I enjoy chocolate. It's not really good for me (not in the quantities I eat) but it makes me happy. And right now I'll take joy in any form it comes in. And I still love you even though you've slammed my books. :D

orangemily said...

Yes, we're still friends. But only because your brother is my drug and I'm addicted to him for eternity so I'll never be able to escape your friendship. OK sorry I'm kidding about that last sentence.
I liked this book better than the 2nd one, but will agree with you that it took longer to get in to. I'm such a romantic dork though, I'm totally stoked for the wedding! I'm excited to read the 3rd book! I like Andria's perspective, I think I'll adopt it as my own.

Jodi said...

I agree with you about the build up... too much drama and not enough action!
The first book was great...
the rest, not so much!

Karen said...

Suprise, suprise, I like the drama. I am actually glad that she does write wordy. (her books are always read way to quick for me. I get addicted an can't put them down until I have finished it.) I really enjoyed the series the more times I read them. I found a lot of deeper meaning in them the 3rd and 4th time through. (but I can be slow to catch things when I'm caught all up in the drama.)

Squirty Wart said...

I actually also like all the words... ;) I actually think Stephenie does such a great job of discribing things that I actually think I can see what she sees and understand the characters more. I thrive on the detail!

I don't understand the "stick figures"? I feel that I can truly see things from Bella's perspective. We know what she knows. And I adore Alice! I believe she is genuine and what you see is what you get with her. Don't care so much for Rosalie... a bit self absorbed. Estheme is a very sweet, caring person as well. Out of all the women, I know the least about her and that would be how Bella would be at this point in the relationship.

I believe Edward is much more mature than Jacob. He has experience and has much more self control. Bella is more likely to take on his likes than if she were to be with Jacob and they would learn it as they go... But, I also believe when he became more mature and found his match that he "imprinted" with, he would drop Bella like a hot potato. Then where would that leave Bella? More damaged.

But hey, if Jacob wants to stay as a dog and be her pet to be close to her, I am OK with that. I like him at least that much for her. He's just a kid.

Oh, and because you don't like it won't make me like you any less. Your entitled to your opinions and they don't have to be mine. That would be for a pretty boring world. I kind of like that some people I encounter and am even good friends with an close to don't like Twilight. It has helped me to understand some of the things that I feel so passionate about. ;)

Love ya!