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Friday, June 13, 2008

First Ever Fabulous Giveaway!

Many of the other blogs I frequent have prize give aways for readers. So I wanted to start giving away stuff, too. And I finally came across something to give away!!!

So, for all my faithful readers out there (all 3 1/2 of you) brace yourselves because this is going to be a good one.

I have for one lucky reader a used office chair!

Office Chair

But not just ANY office's MY office chair. Oh the things I've done in this chair. Blogging. Flickring. Bill paying. Chatting. Emailing. More than a little Diamond Mine. (or bejeweled if you prefer to call it) The list is endless!

But even the best of relationships sometimes come to an end. My husband got a shiny new leather office chair and the two just don't get along together. So the blue one has to go.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure the chair has been peed on by the 4 year old. But I did clean it throughly, following closely each and every step outlined by the Queen of Clean including the specialty enzyme cleaner and the 20 mule team borax. There is no smell and no visible stain. It comes with no warranty. And I'll even autograph it for you if you'd like.

Of course Friends of MS is doing a pick up in my neighborhood on next week, so if there are no takers it will be out on my curb bright and early Tuesday morning.'s your chance to win the first ever fabulous give away on my blog! All you have to do is tell me that you want it. I'm sure the line will be short so there should be no need to have some fancy way to pick the winner....but just in case let's say that you have to tell me WHY you need and whoever has the best story wins!

Give away ends Monday Night, June 16th, because that's when it is going out on my curb for Friends of MS to pick up!

Good Luck!


Andria said...

Ooh, I want it! Seriously, I do. We use a folding chair for our computer "stuff" now, and it can get uncomfortable.

HeidiPie said...

I'd take it. But I'd probably lose the fight with Andria for it. :)

orangemily said...

Man I know what you're saying about folding chairs. We were using them as kitchen chairs until we recently inherited real kitchen chairs and playing games for 3 hours straight on a folding chair is rough on the tushy!
I hope the new office chair saves you from your former discomfort Andria (unless of course someone battles you for it, but it won't be me)!