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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

just keep swimming, just keep swimming.....

I like to think of myself as an "on the ball" type of person.

I am on time. (most of the time)

I do what I promise to do. (When my kids don't cause me to do otherwise)

I return my library books on time (except for the 2 that were due today)

But all, in all I can be depended upon. Or at least I like to believe that I can be.

But the past couple of weeks life has just gotten totally away from me, and I'm not entirely sure how it got loose, or where it went!

I feel like I'm trying to move through molasses while everybody and everything around me is set on fast forward. I keep trying to catch up but only get further and further behind.

And I keep having that recurring nightmare of mine where I'm back in school and behind in all my classes. But the teacher won't accept any of my new homework until I've turned in all the old homework.

Sometimes I set my standards intentionally low so that I can live up to them. For example-I have only two days that I try to blog FOR SURE. Mondays, and Fridays. Any other day I blog is just extra credit.

And I can't even keep up with twice a week lately!

But as far behind as I feel, I am making baby steps.

If you recall, my husband's grandfather passed away a few weeks ago. I took lots of pictures at the funeral and had many family members ask if they could get copies, too.

Of course I told them yes, and then promised to have them up for view in a timely manner.

Well, I'm not sure you can exactly call it timely but I finally have a set on flickr of photos from the funeral ready to share.

To honor a Vetran

And now a favor for family who may be reading this. My laptop took with it to it's grave many of my email addresses. And so while I will do my best to get the word out to family please help me spread the word.

Which means that Kaylene-you can tell everybody on your facebook page where to go to see pictures. Tell them they are welcome to download pictures directly from flickr. Tell them also that I am happy to send CD's or prints as well if they will contact me. And no, it doesn't mean I'll join facebook any sooner.


Jen said...

those are some great photos. I am sure that your family is really going to like them.

HeidiPie said...

As moms we have lists and lists of things to do. And in the one hour we may or may not get to ourselves in a day, you can only get 1 or even 1/2 of a thing done that you want to get done and checked off that list. That is why it takes so long to do most things. You know it's true. =) If our family was gone for a week and we had the house to ourselves I think we might get partially caught up. Maybe.

Annj said...

Beautiful pictures. you really have an eye for things like that.

Liss said...

i'm with heidi--our families should go away for TWO weeks. one week we might get caught up, 2nd week we'd relax.
i'm treading water myself....more emotionally than anything else. i've found i'm _really_ good at keeping moving, physically/house tasks etc. emotionally? i keep hitting pothole after pothole.
you're doing well, don't knock yourself. if all else fails, just say to yourself, "i was liss's bestest roommate ever!" :)

orangemily said...

Very nice pictures.
I'm NOT what I would consider an "on the ball" type of person, I get behind on things so easily.

Damselfly said...

Your pictures are so crisp and sharp, but looking at them still makes me a little sad and I don't even know you or your family in real life. Blessings to everyone....