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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Still waiting

Remember when I said that I was going to do a Saturday edition of Flashback Friday? Well, yea. About that. Well. I didn't so much do that. Perhaps you noticed.

Instead I left Adam home with Mike to work out a construction project together (details and pictures to follow....someday....hopefully) and I took Zoey and Harrison to Ikea to get bedding. See, we assembled bunk beds in the boy's room and moved Zoey out of the toddler bed and so everbody needed new sheets and comforters and such.

And well-that was great and all.

Until bedtime.

See, I spent literally 30 minutes making Adam's bed-the top bunk. Making the top bed is the WORST part of bunk beds. And we had decided to let Adam keep the nice (translation: expensive) mattress he's been sleeping on because, as I said to Mike, "He hasn't peed the bed for a really long time."

Which of course means I am awakened in the dark hours of the night to Adam crying out to me that he peed the bed.

Not sure if he was just afraid to climb down from the top bunk in the dark, or if he was tucked in a little too tight....either way I spent half the morning unmaking his bed, washing the sheets, and remaking the top bunk.

To make matters worse he peed on his teddy bear and in his drunken/sleepy/peed on self state he was furious at me for not letting him sleep with his teddy bear the remainder of the night. I kept offering him other stuffed animals, which he kept throwing back at me.

Oh so much fun.

And just because I KNOW you all want to be kept up-to-date on all the pee at our house Zoey did great all day....until just before bed time. Then it was a river all over the floor in front of her bed.

Seriously-if somebody knows how to make the hurting stop please do share.

And as for that Saturday Flashback may have to wait until next Saturday. But I promise it will be worth the wait.


Anonymous said...

i twisted justin's arm that EVERY bed in the house MUST have waterproof mattress pads and a spare, so that if/when the kids pee, i can hurry and change the bed while getting the other one washed. it's partly peace of mind for mommy and partly i'm so dang practical that i have to have the "easiest to clean" ways of doing things. makes my life nice though.
we're potty training over here too. 5th try or something like that with jonah? it's going ok so far, until we try to get him to poop in the toilet....the kid likes to meditate for 30 years in "praying to mecca" position. :/
good luck.

Jen said...

Pee happens just go with the follow.

*wink wink* hehehehehehe

Annj said...

I totally agree with you, making bunk beds suck. Is it really worth the extra space in the room?!? I am seriously tired of my kids pooping and peeing all over too, I am so afraid to invite people over in case my house smells like a men's bathroom.

orangemily said...

Moira was having multiple accidents a day (after being almost completely "trained") until we went out of town last week and she did surprisingly well.
It'll be fun to see your new beds. Are you selling Zoey's old toddler bed? Moira's is pretty low quality and I wouldn't mind upgrading it (if the price were right).

HeidiPie said...

So, one of my friends swears by letting the kids go naked bottom down. And by the end of the week they are trained. Sometime I'm going to have to ask her again about the details. I'm glad potty training is still a way off with Luke. And Allie, she is really good at it. Thank goodness. I was loosing it at the second day with her. Good luck to you and mostly the kids.
Maybe you could set up the portable DVD player in the bathroom and they could hang out in there. At least it'd be easier to clean up if they missed eh.

Principessa said...

This is going to sound awful, and maybe a tad bit crazy, but as for Zoey, maybe you could get some of those puppy pads they use to house train puppies. Tell her that if she's going to act like an animal (going where-ever/whenever it pleases her) you're going to treat her like one. I have no idea if it would actually work, it was just a random thought that came to my mind.