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Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday-frusterated edition

Remember when I said my sister was getting married soon and that after the wedding I was going to have more time to blog? Yea, that was a funny joke. The wedding was a week ago today (hence no Flashback Friday last week) and my house hadn't quite recovered from that yet when Ryan moved back in. Now my house is in complete and utter disarray. Plus I got this masochistic idea that since I was out of diapers I'd try to do a two-for-one on the potty training and get all kids out of diapers for good.

So excess time is not a reality yet.

Which of course means I waited until today to actually start writing Flashback Friday. And I had a brilliant idea, too!

A few weeks ago while going through pictures for Flashback Friday I came across a picture of my sister as a baby, me holding her. So I thought since she got married last week it would be a great picture for my blog. I was going to put the picture of me holding her, and then this picture of her now holding my baby girl.

My little sister and my little girl

Brilliant, right?

So of course I looked and looked for like an hour for the picture and can't find it. And in the meantime my house isn't getting any cleaner. And so faithful followers-no picture of my baby sister as a baby. All you get is this.


Congratulations Natalie and Justin!

Hop on over to Katie's Flickr and her blog to see more photos of the big day. And if you just can't get enough of Katie's pictures check out her photography site as well. (which was designed by the talented Josh Piersanti.

Wow-one of these days I should start asking to get paid for all this free advertising I do, since I'm sure I'm sending 10's of hits to the above mentioned websites. Let's see, at a penny a hit....I think Katie and Josh both owe me about 6 cents. Now pay up. :)


KASH said...

Cute pictures :)

You mentioned three of my sites, so I'll be generous and up your payment to .18. :) Thanks!

orangemily said...

Life just never lets down does it?

Annj said...

Cool pictures. I hope you find that other one and still post it though.

HeidiPie said...

Josh says the check is in the mail. Also, I love those pictures, they're very cute. I hope you find that picture as well. And some day when I delve into the bottom bin of my closet I will find all my old photos.