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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Take Two

I finished my second quilt block. Hooray!


Don't look too closely at this one, though. There are some seams that I probably shoud've unpicked. But my class is tomorrow, and I was feeling rushed to get it done, and being Sunday night, I wanted to spend the time with my husband before the rush of the week starts again. So I wasn't really in the quilting mood. But I had to get it done.

To make matters worse my machine started breaking threads and binding up on me and I was getting more than a little frustrated. So I was just rushing to get it done.

But I hear the Amish people put mistakes in their quilts on purpose. So consider this my Amish block.


Andria said...

I hate when the sewing machine starts to rebel against me. I always treat it with respect, but it seems to forget that.

And mistakes add character to any project. Right?

Karen said...

I love the colors!! Wish we lived closer. I would so take this class with you.

KASH said...

I love your little Amish block!

Jen said...

looks great to me.

Annj said...

Wow good job. It is beautiful!

orangemily said...

Mistakes do add character. You'd have to point them out to me anyway.

HeidiPie said...

I hate it when the machine breaks threads, then the sewing is no longer fun. That's why mine has been put away for so long. Good job still, it looks like they take a long time. You're going to have a beautiful quilt, and I can't wait to see the rest of the blocks when you make them!