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Monday, April 27, 2009

Name that Movie Monday

I'm taking the easy route today. My movie quote is from the movie the kids have watched a dozen times this week and this line is stuck in my head. Okay, two lines actually.

I notice nobody's eating the gluten-free wheat grass cake. Come on trust me you just gotta get past the smell.

(I have to admit I keep thinking of this one because my sister made a gluten free cake for her wedding because her new husband is celiac and when I walked into my mom's house while it was baking I said "are you cooking something? It smells awful." Ha!)

Buy you're like the classic school principal. You're scary and bad with people and children are nervous around you. That doesn't sound right. I'm just saying what else can you do? Besides maybe Cuban dictator? Or the bogey man. You could be the bogey man.

Okay, I truly need to tackle that mountain of laundry now. So here is your movie code: I4CW33N

And now I'm off!


KASH said...

Is the movie Bedtime Stories? :)

UTSquishy said...

Bedtime Stories

orangemily said...

Bedtime Stpries!

Megs said...

Such a good movie! "For FREEEEEEEEE????"

Jen said...

Sounds like a good movie.

Emilee said...

oohh, i know this one! it is the adam sandler movie...oh yea, bedtime stories! yea! i never know them. always recognize them but cant usually name them...