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Friday, April 10, 2009


Before I get into today's Flashback Friday I want to take a moment and thank everybody who reads this little ol' blog of mine. It may not be kosher to admit, but I like thinking that people not only read, but actually enjoy what I write. I only wish I had time to write more. Really, I do. Throughout the day as I'm changing diapers and folding laundry I stare longingly at the laptop, my finger itching to type something quirky and amusing. But as of late life has just been so hectic. Even when I finally get the kids to bed there are a million more things to accomplish and I'm always exhausted. So writing must wait for another day.

I have started about a dozen posts. But am always interrupted by a small one needing something. Or somethings I just fall asleep at the keyboard and start to drool just a little, which is not something electronics like too much. And so, once again, writing must wait for another day.

I know that our life has seasons and right now is my season to have small children.

But spring is coming which means they'll be playing outside more and need me to entertain them less.

And Adam starts kindergarten in a few short months.

Until then the writer inside me will wait, patiently, for her turn. She will get her chance. Her season will come and I hope she will blossom beautifully.

Okay, enough of that sap-onto your regularly scheduled Friday Post.


orangemily said...

I can't believe Adam will be in Kindergarten next year! Where does the time go?

Ryan said...

Yeah but then I'll be there demanding your entertaining. Just kidding, but I am going to try and sweet-talk my boss into a day of telecommuting every week.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am constantly reminding myself that I am in the season of little children and to be patient with them ... and myself :) !!

Annj said...

I do enjoying reading your amusing anecdotes.