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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Name that Movie Monday-Tuesday Edition

Sometimes movies merely entertain. And sometimes they touch you, cause you to think, and maybe even change.

As I mentioned yesterday I rented Marley and Me with my free Redbox code. Now I have to be honest, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to watch this movie. See, I didn't really know much about it except that there was a dog. And I'm not really what you would call a dog person. So thinking it was an overly emotional movie about a dog where they make you love the dog and then kill him off (can anybody say Old Yeller?) I had kind of steered away from it.

But I was at one of the busier Redbox locations (yes, I was at Walmart, please don't tell anybody!) and thus it was one of the only non rated-R movies available for rent. (one of my one complaints about Redbox-so few family friendly movies. Not that I would call Marley and Me family friendly. Despite it's PG rating a skinny dipping Jennifer Aniston and an over abundance of sexual innuendo made it not quite appropriate for my quite young family. But I digress!!!)

So what was I saying? Oh yes, I didn't want to rent it but hey, it was a free movie so even if it totally sucked I wasn't out much.

I am so glad I rented it! This movie is not just about a dog. This is a grown up coming of age movie which I totally related to! It was at times painfully truthful. Well, except that I don't have a dog and I am not as skinny as Jennifer Aniston after supposedly having 3 kids.

There are so many books and movies that are pre-teens coming of age. But the whole "discovering who I am and being comfortable in my own shoes" is not just a once in a lifetime experience. I could so relate to all the adjustments and difficulties involved in going from being single to being married. And then going from being married to being married with children. And redefining expectations. And figuring out what's really important in life.

My Sister-in-Law thought the end was depressing but I thought it was touching and realistic. Marley had helped John and Jen grow up, grow into a family. He had served a very important purpose in their lives. And now a new season in life was beginning for them. Because that's how life works.

So I guess this isn't really an official "Name that Movie Monday" since I already told you what movie the quote is from, and it's not Monday. But here's your quote just the same.

Jen: Honey, I'm sorry. I just got overwhelmed. No one tells you how hard this all is going to be.

John: Which part

Jen: All of it. Marriage, being a parent. It's the hardest job in the world and nobody prepares you for that. Nobody tells you how much you have to give up.

John: Sometimes I feel like they do tell you but you don't listen or you think "ah, they're just miserable."

Jen: I've given up so much of what made me who I am. But I can't say that because I'm a very bad person if i say that. But I feel it. I really do. I feel it sometimes. I just want you to know that.

John: I do know that. And you can say it. I say it.

Jen: But I did make a choice, I made a choice. and even if it's harder than I thought I don't regret it.


Michael said...

I will have to watch this movie. Last night was just not when.

Anonymous said...

we end up watching a lot more documentaries and the like just because i can't stand what hollywood deems appropriate. i can't tell you how many pg-13 movies i've seen that were WAY more raunchy than R. it seems the R movies are for violence and PG-13 is for way too much about sex.

orangemily said...

Well when you put it that way it changes everything! I forgot about all the "real" stuff in the middle and it's so true most movies don't show that. When I look at it as a coming of age movie (which I hadn't before) I can appreciate it for that. But I will say (to some people's chagrin) I watch movies for escape and not reality, so maybe that's why my first impression was dislike. Thank you for showing me some light!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Interesting dialog! I should put the movie in my Blockbuster queue. Yeah, I know, all the cool people do Netflix ... oh well....

HeidiPie said...

Hmmm, interesting. I also thought why would I want to watch a show about a dog. Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

I love this movie because of that scene right there.