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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If you haven't got a penny then a heypenny will do

Seems like everybody is asking for money these days. (Do the terms bailout and economic stimulus ring a bell?) And although I'm not usually the first to jump on the bandwagon and do something just because everybody else is doing it there are those rare occasions that I'll do the "in" thing because it is the right thing.

So although I come before you today with my hand out, I'm not asking for a handout.

My brother is riding in the Harmons 2009 MS Bike Ride. He rode last year. And this is my sister's third year riding.

They ride in honor of our Grandmother, Sharon, who died from the disease back in 1972. She was only 40 years old and left behind 6 children. My father, who was the oldest, was 19 years old. He never remembers a time in his life when his mother was not confined to a wheel chair.

This year the bike ride falls on my Grandmother's birthday.

I know economic times are tough. I know spare money is hard to come by. I know there are a lot of good causes out there to give to.

But if you are washing laundry today and find some laundered money in the bottom of the washer please consider donating it to the National MS Society by sponsoring Ryan in the Bike Ride.

Or if you get around to vacuuming under the couch cushions and find some spare change instead of tossing it in the ash tray of your car maybe you could instead donate it to the National MS Society by sponsoring Ryan in the Bike Ride.

Or if you use that by one get one free coupon at Arby's this week consider taking the amount you saved and donating it to the National MS Society by sponsoring Ryan in the Bike Ride.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Any small contribution is appreciated.

And if you haven't got a haypenny-well then God bless you!


Ryan said...

Seriously, any amount is appreciated and I've tried to set my donation page up so that the amount you donate is private. I did this because I don't want you to feel embarrassed if you can only chip in a few dollars for the cause...every bit helps!

orangemily said...

Definitely a good cause (donate Ryan or Nat).
It's nice to learn more about your Grandmother.

Annj said...
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Annj said...

Okay now I know I am retarded but I am not sure how to donate. Can I just mail it to you? Is there an address?

Amber said...

So great you're asking for donations. I already made one directly to the National MS Society. It's a cause close to my heart because my mom has MS.