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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Your funny for the night

I had a bad day. I mean a REALLY bad day. Like wanted to run away from home bad day. So, I needed something funny.

So, since the Name that Movie Monday movie this week was Music and Lyrics, and since I was sick on Monday-I took the opportunity to watch Music and Lyrics.

Which got me in the mood for 80's music and 80's music videos.

So I came across this and it was just too good.

Did you ever watch a music video and wonder what the heck it had to do with the song lyrics?

Then you will enjoy this.

First, the original 80's music video, with the original lyrics. You don't even have to watch the entire thing. I just wanted you to get the idea.

Because here is the literal version. And I do mean literal. Hope you enjoy, and that it makes you laugh as much as I did. (Or maybe it's not really that funny at all and I was just so desperate for a laugh today that anything dumb would've be the judge.)

Okay, and this one is pretty good, too.


Krista said...

I loved the 80's! I could totally relate to this video because I am in love with a cartoon guy, too!

Krista said...

Just was totally funny! I'm not in love with a cartoon.

ty said...

LOL! I enjoyed the videos! I'm kind of a Youtube music video junkie. Reminded me of this one by CCR - Have You Seen The Rain What they are really singing.

orangemily said...

Holy cow, Rich and I have not laughed that hard since we finished watching The Office like an hour ago! Seriously that 2nd video is hilarious!
Sorry you had a bad day, bring the kids over next time then you can have solitude at home instead of running away.

Kara Thacker said... lol, everyone else is asleep. :) I can relate.

Ryan said...

Oh gosh, I'll never sleep. Amazing how those subtitles help clear up what they're really singing in these songs though, and no wonder songs don't make sense when you hear them on the radio -- you have to see the videos!

Jen said...

Loved it, Great stuff.

Amber said...

You know, nothing like turning to YouTube for a great laugh. Those are fun!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

LOL! I've seen those A-ha videos elsewhere. Very clever. In high school, that was my favorite song!