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Monday, November 10, 2008

Name that Movie Monday

I had to crawl out from under a rock to write today's edition. I'm actually really sick today. I mean, really sick. And it hit me out of nowhere. I was fine all day yesterday. About 10:00 I got a raging fever and chills and couldn't get warm. Ringing ears, achy body, coughing, puking. Yea, it was a long night.

My sweet husband stayed home from work today to take the kids because I just have zero energy today. But I dragged myself up long enough to give you today's movie quote. Because I know how disappointed all 3 of my readers would be if there was no movie quote.

Okay, fine I know you really only read my Monday post to get your free movie code. So I'll give you that, too.


I am a happy has-been. Really. It's a very clear statement. I live in the past. Everything good I ever did was long ago so don't expect anything new or exciting from me now. Really takes the pressure off. Especially on a first date.

Okay, hop to it. And just because I'm feeling really generous, here is another clue. Too easy?

And, before I forget, your free movie code: LK43CE

Now I'm going to go crawl back underneath my rock. Stay healthy ya'll!


orangemily said...

Music and Lyrics!!
Today I rented Prince and Me III, I'm only 30 minutes in to it and I can already tell it's not that great.
Sorry you're sick!

HeidiPie said...

Ouch, sounds like you have what I had last Monday. Yuck.

Karen said...

Yeah!!!! A grown up movie, I know. Music and Lyrics!

I'm sorry your sick. Praying you feel good as new in the morning.

anndrea said...

Get Well Soon!

Andria said...

Okay, seriously?! A movie I know and love and I still can't get it right?! Oh well. What can I do?