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Friday, November 7, 2008

So what?

I just started following Anderson Cooper on twitter. To which you are probably saying "so what!"

And, it's your lucky day because I'm going to tell you so what!

Does anybody out there remember having to watch Channel One News in school? (I'll know how old you are if you say yes!) For those of you who are older than me, er I mean who missed out, Channel One is a news program that school kids are forced to watch on a daily basis. In exchange for agreeing to torture students to the program schools get free television equipment.

Anyway, I was forced to endure Channel One during second period from Jr. High all the way through High School! My Jr. High geography teacher even made us take notes on it! And gave us quizzes on it. (rumor has it that the math teacher got tired of the interruption and ripped the cable from the wall, making Channel One obsolete in her classroom. Ha! We all loved that math teacher!)

I am getting to the point, I swear.

See, in 7th grade the Gulf War was nearing it's end. Of course we didn't know it was almost over so it was on Channel One nearly every day. And you want to know who their war corespondent was? Anderson Cooper!

But it gets better. See, in the 7th grade I sat next to Sydney Jones in second period choir. And Sydney was sarcastic and rude and the the combination of the two of us together was dangerous. Despite my own dream of someday being a broadcast journalist we would constantly make fun of the Channel One anchors, saying they got stuck on Channel One because no real news station would take them.

We were especially fond of making fun of Anderson Cooper. Even back then he had grey hair and looked quite a bit older than the other trendy, young reporters and anchors.

We especially loved his trade mark red parka vest that he seemed to always be wearing. He'd be sitting in a trashy hotel room in Kwait and talking about how he has to keep the blinds drawn because it's so dangerous outside, and yet he sat there in his bright red puffy vest. We used to call him target boy.

Never in a million years did I dream he'd be a hot shot anchor of his own program on CNN. And have his own magazine. And a staff of underlings to twitter for him.

Because whenever I see him my first thought is always "target boy", and then I giggle to myself.


Michael said...

I remember Anderson Cooper on Channel One, and I was surprised to see his career so successful as well. Good for him!

Megs said...

I thought I remembered him from somewhere. Hmm. The one I remember most is Lisa Ling. I wonder where she is now days. Do they still do Channel One News?

ty said...

Oh yeah Channel One. What a waste that was. Me an Anndrea were just talking about that. I always felt like I was the target, with all the advertisements they had on it.

Kara Thacker said...

I started laughing...I had no idea what he had done since then. I'll have to remember "target boy" next time I see something he's done.

orangemily said...

Ah yes, the good ole days of Channel One.

Andria said...

I remember Channel One. My school got rid of it just two years ago, so it's still pretty fresh in my memory. And I made my sophomores take notes on it because, if I didn't, they thought it was act like an idiot time.

Karen said...

So sad....I'm too old.....

anndrea said...

I had a crush on Anderson COoper in junior high, I thought he was cute. But I like you was surprised to see he had become successful. I saw Lisa Ling on The View a year or two ago when flipping through channels.