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Friday, November 21, 2008

Flashback Friday

So, as a relatively new blogger I keep having all these great ideas that I think are TOTALLY original. Only to find out they've been done like a million times.

See, lots of Bloggers out there have a themed day of the week. I think the first one I saw was What I'd wear Wednesday over at Growing a life. I thought this was a fun thing to do and so I started my own Name that Movie Monday.

I wanted to try another one, to kind of keep me blogging on a more regular basis. So I came up with this brilliant idea to post pictures or tell stories about things from the past. And I tried to come up with a catchy title.

Some of my rejects for weekly post titles include "Remember When Wednesday" and "So Long ago Saturday" and "Tell it like it was Tuesday".

I finally thought of Flashback Friday and thought it was brilliant. I was seriously patting myself on the back.

Until I realized that it's been done before. I Googled it and you know, there are entire blogs dedicated to Flashback Friday. And a flickr group, too. And various scattered bloggers around the blogosphere doing their own version of Flashback Friday.

But I am not deterred. So what if it wasn't an original idea. I'm going to do it anyway, dangit! But I found that many of the sites/groups promoting this idea want you to post stories or pictures that are pre-1985. And since I was only 6 in 1985 it kind of cuts out half my life (and all the truly interesting stories) if I limit myself to that time frame.

So, the rules here are that it can be from anytime in your past. Last year, or 10 years ago. Doesn't matter!

I'll probably even run with this same idea over at my other blog and post old baby pictures of the kids. Of course first I have to finish that 100th post that I've been working on for like oh a month!

So today it's a picture and a story. See, I've mentioned before that my husband and I have known each other since Jr. High. But did I mention that he took me Homecoming Sr. Year? Here's the proof:

Sr. Homecoming 1996

What you may not know is that he only asked me because a mutal friend, Riley, coerced him into it. Here's Riley:

Sr. Homecoming 1996

The gist of the story is that over the summer Riley had played a practical joke on me, that involved phony email address and a few post cards, that kind of went bad and he felt really sorry about it and wanted to make it up to me and make me feel good about myself blah, blah, blah. So he made Mike take me to Homecoming. Really romantic, right?

Of course I didn't know until years later that Mike only asked me out to ease Riley's conscience. He was a true gentleman about the whole thing.

In face, (and sorry honey, I know this is going to embarrass you) there is still one point of that night that I still vividly remember. I mean yea, we almost got killed by Chris's crazy driving. And we got locked in at the Red Butte Gardens. But the most memorable part of the evening occurred later on.

We were dancing (which is what we good Mormon kids actually did at High School dances. Crazy, I know!) And I don't remember what song was playing, or what we had been talking about prior. I just remember Mike saying, seemingly out of nowhere "I am the luckiest guy at this dance, because I'm here with you."

Little did he know 11 years later he'd be married to be and have 3 kids!!!!

The story starts to get really interesting if you know that, years later, I was trying desperately to flirt with Riley when I started to fall for Mike....but that's another story for another day.

So, I invite all who want to play along to post your own Flashback Friday. Pictures not necessary, but sure are fun. If you play along be sure to include the link to your blog in the comments below.

Happy Friday!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Pegsy said...

HA! Remember when your hair was like that? That was awesome.

Michael said...


Megs said...

That is interesting. I didn't know you knew Mike since Jr. High. I did read your other post, I guess it didn't sink in. Any way I loved this. I might have to do this too. It would be something to blog about.

Ryan said...

Ok I haven't read through the whole post yet, but I just wanted to say that if you came up with it, it's an original idea, even if somebody else came up with it too. There are instances in Science where 2 people on opposite sides of the globe came up with the same equations at the same they're both credited to it!

Jen said...

you are all SO cute.

Cassandra Rae said...

Aw I love your Flashback Friday. Isn't it cool how everything always works out - even if your flirting with the wrong guy and dancing with the right one!

Kara Thacker said...

My brother was always so tight lipped for fear of retribution of what revenge we would get on him. I don't know about half of his highschool social life! Keep them coming! It's a crack up!

Jodi and Josh said...

What a great picture! You guys look so cute and young!

HeidiPie said...

Love it, and waiting for more! Especially the pictures.

Karen said...

You look like babies!!!! How did that happen? Somehow you always look the same to me until you show me a picture from the past.

Truth be told......Mike is a very lucky guy to have you.

Andria said...

Hey, I think I have a copy of one of those pictures somewhere. I save waaaaaaaaaaaaaayy to much.

orangemily said...

I love flashback Friday. I need to dig out some pictures!

Annj said...

Good idea! It is funny to think that the things we wore then would always be classic and never go out of style but apparently I was wrong. lol