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Monday, November 3, 2008

Do you sparkle?

I posted a question on today's Name that Movie Monday and apparently everybody was so excited about the free movie code they forgot to answer my question.

So, I went to the trouble of getting you a video clip of the movie quote, and then I'll ask my question again. (still has a water mark across it because I'm still too cheap to buy software to rip my DVD's. Now you know.)

So, what makes you sparkle? I really want to know. If you've seen Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, then you'll know what I mean when I say I feel like Molly right now. I'm in a funk, and I've lost my sparkle. So I'm really interested in knowing if any of you have ever felt the same way. Maybe you do right now. Or maybe you've discovered the secret to putting sparkle back into your life. Please share!

And, this has NOTHING to do with sparkling but a few weeks ago the Name that Movie Monday movie was A Beautiful Mind. And I went to the trouble that week of getting the movie clip of the quote but youtube was taking forever to process the video and so I just gave up. But today when I was uploading movie clips I saw that it was FINALLY processed. So, just for fun and because I took so long preparing it for you and never got to use's your Beautiful Mind movie clip, too. Enjoy.


Ryan said...

I have lost my sparkle too. Something about putting 15-20 hours a week into 1 class, and still getting a 59% on the last exam. My current solution has just been to solder on and hope it gets better. In fact I keep having to just tell myself that it's a miracle that I haven't given up yet. That's about where I'm at right now.

ty said...

Just got home from a long day trying to figure out why computers make me feel like an idiot. Maybe I need some more cow bell, hmm I mean sparkle. Still enjoying Name that Movie Monday, although I rarely ever get it right off. I'm kinda slow when it comes to movies, as I have the memory of an alzheimer's patient.

Principessa said...

Well, apparently getting engaged makes me sparkle. But that doesn't help you much, not like you can get engaged again. I think that being reminded of your worth brings the sparkle out of most people. Being told sincerely that you are loved and that you are a wonderful person and the amazing things that you can do.

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to leave my OCD task list behind and concentrate on my kids. i lose my focus A LOT and then something happens like they get sick (or sophie falls down the stairs--eek!) and i realize that my kids are my life even though it sucks sometimes that i have no time for me. i find that when i try to play a little each day with my kids and plan fun family stuff, that i can ignore my OCD-ness and not feel stressed either.

Bonnie said...

You just need to start hanging out with me more often. You also need a Mac, that software to rip DVD's just appeared on my computer one day... poof! (ok, maybe the fact that Gary is my brother helps too.)

orangemily said...

What was it Elder Wirthlin said in conference? I think it was something like, "Come what may and love it!" I really liked that.
Thanks for the movie clips!

Nicole said...

@Bonnie-I've always thought I needed to hang out more with you. And it used to help that Ryan was my brother but he's all busy at that big blue school down your way.

Dana said...

Long days take my sparkle away....put kissing my DH helps me find it again!

Getting ready for Christmas, Thanksgiving, houseguests, trips to family, birthday parties.....wheew. THAT seriously dampens my sparkle.

Accomplishing something on my to do list? Brings it back!