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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making!

You all thought I was going to start waxing philosophical about super Tuesday, didn't you. Well I'm not. I already climbed on my soapbox about voting and the political process and all that jazz. And while I still stand behind everything I said before, the point is, I already said it. And at this point if you aren't already registered to vote and planning on voting then chances are you're not going to. Even if I write about it here on my blog. Which all of like 15 people read anyway. (13 of which are directly related to me.)

So-instead I'm going to write about how utterly and completely excited I am about today's DVD release of Get Smart. I have wanted to see this movie since the very first trailer I saw months and months and months ago. But with 3 young kids getting out to see a movie in the theater is difficult. I laughed every time I saw the trailer, even though I had seen it many times before. I love the old tv series. And I love Steve Carell, in movies. (sorry all you Office fans. I just can't get into it.)

So, while you all stand in line to vote I'll be standing in line at Target to purchase my very own copy of Get Smart on DVD. (which promises 62% more laughs! More than what, I'm not sure....but that's what is says.) And while you're glued to your tv set watching the voting results trickle, feeling great frustration at all the people you voted for that didn't win, in I'll be watching Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 get into all sorts of trouble, and hopefully laughing hysterically!

Happy Super Tuesday to you!


UTSquishy said...

We missed that one in theater's as well.

Emily put me on a DVD purchasing moratorium until Christmas, so we may have to borrow it.

I too loved the Original Series.

The original series is available through TimeLife. I refuse to buy TV shows, but that is a tempting one. Perhaps the Library can track them all down for me—I'd love to watch these again, and introduce Emily to them (she's never seen them!).

Em said...

you will LOVE it! it really is funny! enjoy!

orangemily said...

Oooh, sweet!
Can we borrow it when you're done?

ty said...

Thanks to a friend of mine, I watched it on the way back from Challis, ID (a 2 hour drive) a couple of weeks ago. Definitely 62% more. Steve Carell cracks me up. As for purchasing, I can't remember the last one I purchased. We downgraded the cable service (DishNetwork at my house) and are on the Netflix 1 at a time plan. Get Smart rocks.

Karen said...

Definately the way to spend election night!!! I can't bring myself to turn on the tv. Just give me the facts in the morning.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Hey, did you watch it? Steve Carell is so funny, and I love Anne Hathaway too.

Amber said...

I watched Get Smart on a recent flight to Boston and LOVED IT. I almost bought it at the grocery story yesterday but figure I'll just put it on our Christmas wish list. :-)

HeidiPie said...

Really, today? (or a few days ago) I am excited for it!!

Nicole said...

I did watch it! And I loved it. But next time I am watching it AFTER the kids go to bed because I think it will be even funnier if I don't have to pause it 68 times.

UTSquishy said...

Thanks for letting us borrow it.

I haven't laughed that hard since I watched this. (Click on Watch Sample)
Shatner Cracks Me up almost as much as Steve Carell (Though half the time Shatner isn't trying to be funny)—so this ribbing of Shatner just made me lose it.
Seriously I couldn't breathe.

I had a moment like that watching Get Smart.
Really—ask Emily.