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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Because I THRIVE on insanity

I have sharing time this upcoming Sunday. (In layman's terms I have to entertain 50 kids ages 3-11 for 2 hours Sunday afternoon plus somehow actually manage to teach them something about Faith as well.)

On top of that I also am in charge of our monthly Primary newsletter that goes out on the first Sunday of every month. Which means I need to get that written and printed before Sunday as well.

Then, I have my Quilt Block of the Month class on Monday which I have FOUR quilt blocks that are supposed to be finished. It's normally only 2 but I missed last month's class for the funeral in Nevada. And, of course, I haven't even cut them out yet, let alone started sewing them.

So why, I ask you, did I think that tonight at 9:30 pm it would be a good idea to rip out the carpet in the family room? Why I ask you? why?

Well, I did get tired of Zoey peeing on it. (Which she did yet again today.)

And I have been dying to put in laminate because I hate doing my aerobics on the carpet.

And I noticed that the neighboorhood clean-up dumpsters were up the street tonight. And they are typically only there for 24 hours.

So,ļ¼©used that small detail as leverage, somehow convincing my husband that if we pulled out the carpet tonight we could throw it in the dumpsters and then lay laminate this weekend.

Doesn't that sound like a grand idea?

So at 12:02 in the morning my family room looks like this:

This one complete with a Ryan sitting on the couch eating his Sonic bacon toaster that he bought when he went to get us all free root beer floats.

And as I sit here staring at the large cracks in my foundation concrete the reality of what we just did is starting to sink in and I'm thinking I must suffer just for fun.

In other words, I may come up for air Monday night. See you then.


Liss said...

ok, i AM insane, but HOORAY!!! you'll love it, you really will...unless you'd rather vacuum than sweep. but i love that it will take a beating MUCH better than carpet, esp. with a potty training kid.
good luck!

Ryan said...

Because there's nothing better right after going to the Gym than a bacon cheeseeburger toaster from Sonic...with a root beer float.

HeidiPie said...

Good luck on getting all that stuff done. Just keep plugging away and see you on Monday (or later) because you have LOTS to do.

HeidiPie said...

PS, Did I mention you should paint the walls while you're at it. =) Just kidding. They still look great and who needs ANOTHER thing to do?

Nicole said...

@Liss-I actually do like vacuuming better than sweeping, esp with my dyson. Yea baby! And I HATE mopping. But I just ripped out the carpet anyway. Which means now the only carpet in the entire house will be in the 3 bedrooms upstairs.

@Heidi-Mike is actually DYING to paint because he's SO done with the lighthouses. But I haven't been struck with inspiration for what to do with the room yet. And I usually just stick with the status quo until I get a burst of creative energy or get inspired by something I see. Neither of which has happened if you have any great ideas...

Jen said...

Girl, you are crazy! Good luck to you.

orangemily said...

Wow, crazy!
I don't have it in me for home projects, I don't get the vision (or the burst of ambition). I want it done, but designed by someone else (with my taste in mind) and in the twinkling of an eye.

Annj said...

I personally like the blue walls and am excited to see how it looks with the new floor make over. Good luck on everything.

Andria said...

Ooh, that's going to be so cool! I'm hoping to get to remodel the kitchen in a year or two and I'm going to put laminate down in there. So, I'm a little jealous, but more excited for you!