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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

world's nicest theif

I'm always slightly amused when I'm somewhere super exotic, like Dollar Tree, spending the impressive amount of $5 and the cashier asks for ID when I swipe my card. I always comply because, hey, she's just doing her job. But secretly I'm thinking "What kind of moronic identity thief would steal a credit card and then hit the dollar store for ant traps and gum?" Personally, if i had a stolen credit card I'd be buying big screen tvs online faster than you can say

So you can imagine my surprise today at the library when whipping out my debit card to pay my library fine and the librarian asks for my ID. I'm thinking to myself, "you have my library card and have pulled up my account then I hand you a debit card bearing the same name as the library card and you still ask for ID?" Because how many people do you know who would steal a wallet and then immediately dig out the library card and go pay any outstanding fines. I mean really.

And note to librarians everywhere-if somebody else is trying to pay my fines please just let them. It would save me the time and hassle.


orangemily said...

Next time I steal a cc I'll be sure to pay their library fines first.

Andria said...

When Seth's card was stolen, the thieves went to Smiths, Lowes, and the gas station before we got the card frozen. They were probably on their way to get 5 dollars worth of stuff from the dollar store and to pay Seth's library fines when we stopped their fiendish plans.

Annj said...

That cracks me up. You kill me.

Jen said...

I have actually been doing the opposite thing. Ppl have not been asking to see my id and I was wondering why? Then someone pointed out that I have my picture on the back of my card. Duh.

HeidiPie said...

That is way too funny!