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Friday, June 19, 2009

Flashback Friday

Your patience has paid off! As promised today I have for you a Flashback Friday that will make your day! But do not take a sip of that chocolate milk before watching the video below or you will be sorry. I promise.

For your viewing pleasure I have put together the most memorable bloopers from my college days and my time spent doing the campus newscast: ATV News.

Maybe it's only funny to me because I was there and know the entire back story to each and every blooper. But I'm hoping that even if you weren't there you can find the humor of the situation. (wait, isn't that a BNL song?) Because I find it HILARIOUS!

So without further adieu, enjoy!

ATV3 from Nicole Miller on Vimeo.


Liss said...

okay, so i totally forgot about all your stories about doing newscasts. whatever DID happen to doug???

HeidiPie said...

Wow, good times at the old ATV huh. Now I know...those were funny. I especially liked that kissing scene.

ty said...

Crazy! I especially like Doug! He's my new most favorite news anchor.

Annj said...

I enjoyed the kissing scene and flirting(?) scene. So did anyone go on to actually get a news casting job?

KASH said...

That. was. GREAT!!! Bahahahaha!!

Michael said...

Truely, funny!