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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Or, as they say in blog land, Happy Falker Satherhood Day!


KASH said...

I feel so "in the know" that I didn't have to click on that link to find out what Happy Falker Satherhood was :) It seriously took me like 2 months to understand what a "rick-roll" was. How embarrassing :0

orangemily said...

Holy cow I ,aughed so hard!
But their right only the first 2 min of the video is worth watching.

Michael said...

I find to be funny. But reading it with Ryan and Nicole after 11:00 pm is even funnier. Maybe it is because they grew up with cakes in their house all the time.

Ryan said...

Orang B, the name, the comment, and then the date under neat that.