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Friday, June 5, 2009

Flashback Friday

I'm in over my head. But I just repented of my non-Flashback Friday ways. So I didn't want to blow it off completely. AND while looking for the clipart CD that I use for my newsletter I came across a DVD that I have been trying to find for months now. A DVD that is going to make a hysterical Flashback Friday.

But, as mentioned before, due to the craziness that is my life this weekend I don't have time to rip it and upload it and give it the proper presentation. In fact I don't even have time to be blogging, and yet and I am. I was working on my Primary newletter and I actually have all of the content written, But due to the untimely demise of laptop my template that I created for the newsletter has been lost. So my kind husband is working on the layout for me and I'm sneaking in a little blogging while he's not looking.

Thus today is the teaser for next week's edition of Flashback Friday. (I can use words like teaser because I was a broadcast journalism major.)

And speaking of my college days that is what next week's Flashback Friday is all about. And you now know that it also includes a video. And yes, I'm in it. But so are many other USU broadcast journalism students. So believe me when I say it's laugh out loud, pee your pants, spit milk through your nose funny!

And I can tell it is way past my bedtime because I have started every sentence with and, but, or so. My high school English teacher would be so proud!

I must now return to the insanity. Do NOT miss next week though. I PROMISE I will make it worth your time!

Happy Weekend ya'll. (I'm not even southern. It MUST be past my bedtime.)


Annj said...

Can't wait!

orangemily said...

I've made very good use of scheduling posts under the "post options" in Blogger. I type my Friday Freebies as I come across them then schedule them for the next Friday (I already have next week's ready and scheduled to post at 8:06 AM Friday).

HeidiPie said...

And I start all my sentenes with words like Anyways, So, and And...must be that lack of sleep you are talking about. Consider me "teases" too, I'l tune in next week.