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Monday, June 8, 2009

Name that Movie Monday

I know you all want to know how the weekend went.

So here's the reader's digest condensed version.

Flooring-finished in family room and one set of stairs. One more set of stairs left to do still.
Baseboards-painted but waiting to be installed
Primary newsletter-finished!
Sharing Time-a colossal failure despite, what I thought, was a well thought out idea. Sometimes kids just don't respond to what you think they are going to respond to.
Quilt blocks-Not done. Not even started if you want the absolute truth. Hoping that if I plead funeral excuse and promise to have them done next month they will still give me my new ones.

On that note let's move into today's movie quote. Are you ready?

You know, somehow, "I told you so" just doesn't quite say it.

I have now fulfilled my Monday obligation to you so now it's your turn-make a guess.

I suppose I should also tell you the answer to last week's quote since nobody guessed it. The Movie is My Best Friend's Wedding.

Have a great Monday! I'm off to my quilting class. You know, the one where I'm the only one under age 50. Good Times I tell ya!


Liss said...

let's just hope they remember how it was when they had little kids and then they'll have all sorts of sympathy for you.
i want to see pictures of the finished product!!!

HeidiPie said...

I'm guessing (for the first time ever probably) Maid in Manhattan. And I should have known last weeks. I'm glad your projects list is diminishing. I'm excited to see pictures...don't rush or anything though. I'm still thinking about the painting. And, sorry about the sharing time failure. I substitued the Sunbeams yesterday and we were done 15 minutes early...despite best efforts we can never know kids and how they'll react. That's for sure.

Michael said...

Will Smith in I Am Robot.

Andria said...

Um, I Told You So. Is that even a movie? If it isn't, it should be!

I'm glad you got so much done this weekend. I'm glad anyone got something done this weekend.

orangemily said...

I should have known last week's, argh!
I'm going with Mike on this one because he lives in your house.

Annj said...

Perhaps you should some of your fellow quilt students to help you catch up.

Good luck with the reno and don't worry sometime it feels like sharing times don't go as well as you hoped but you would be surprised at how much these kids do let soak in.